Meet our founders

Dominique's Story...

Dominique and Pastor Jean-Edner Jeanty, her husband, moved to Bunia, a small village in Zaïre (now the Democratic Republic of Congo or DRC) about 21 years ago to become missionaries.


While on mission, they visited a guest house, named Karibu, which means Welcome in Swahili, where the people greeted them with such kindness and grace that they never forgot it.


Fast forward to 2017, Dominique and her partner Deslourdes decided to launch this guest house, Karibuni, with in mind to make it a space as welcoming and delightful as Dominique's memories of DRC.

Meet our founders

Deslourdes' Story...

Deslourdes and her family built the Karibuni house with prayers and faith on every rock and every crevice. They trusted the Lord and were able to create the beautiful space that we have today.


To thank the Lord for his blessings, they wrote on a wall in their garden "Jésus l'a fait pour nous", which translates from French to "Jesus did this for us". 


Their hope is that, as you walk into this space, you feel welcomed, that you feel at home and that you feel the restorative peace and joy that can only come from God.

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